4 star reads - Courtney

Bargain In Silver by Josie Jaffrey



If the price of safety is slavery, would you bargain your life? 

A Bargain in Silver is book one of Josie Jaffrey’s Solis Invicti paranormal romance series, set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic London. 

A deadly infection threatens to wipe out humanity. The only people who can stem its advance are the Silver, a vampiric race who offer a simple exchange: protection in return for blood and subservience. It’s not a deal that Emmy’s willing to make, but as her world burns around her she finds herself in the arms of the enemy and the line between oppressor and savior begins to blur. 

After an attack by the infected, Emmy is rescued by the handsome Drew who introduces her to the world of the Silver. Desperate to escape subjugation and confused by her attraction to him, she gathers what remains of her surrogate family and plans to make a break for freedom. 

But despite her efforts to resist, she is drawn further into the intrigues of the mysterious Silver through the agency of their ruler, the Primus: Solomon. Emmy refuses to submit to the cold and detached Primus and an attempt on her life makes it clear that he is unable to protect her from the political machinations of his race. 

As the connection between them deepens she must choose between her desire and her will to rebel, but can she trust his intentions when everyone is after her blood?



This novel started out a bit slow for me but quickly picked up about a fourth of the way through. The storyline is a bit different from what I have ever read. I don’t really get into vampire type novels, but I really loved this one. The writing is easy to follow and understand. The author was very descriptive, so you get a clear image of where the characters are and what they are doing.

The MC Emilia otherwise known as Emmy is working at a bar, finally getting her life together when one night she is attacked on her way home from work. She doesn’t quite understand what is happening until Drew comes in and saves her. Later on, she finds out Drew is a Silver and that she was attacked by Weepers. Weepers have come out of hiding to harvest humans and make more of themselves. Silver are a higher class of Vampire and try to control themselves around humans, as to protect them.

Drew takes in Emilia and tries to protect her, she is soon put in the middle of Drew and Sol (The Leader of the Silver, known as Primus). Emmy must find out how to stay alive in this new world and who is telling her the truth and who is making her a pawn. You see Emmy struggle with loss, love, and anger. Emmy is put through hell in this new world where the silver has taken over. Emmy finds her self-trapped between Sol and Drew, not knowing who to believe or trust.

I loved this book, but there were somethings I didn’t like as well. It does have some very sexist parts in it. When Emmy is told to go waitress in the bar because a male vampire only wanted a female waitress so he could stare at her ass. I just thought it wasn’t really needed in the novel, as it didn’t add anything to the story.

Have you read this novel? Did you continue the series? What were some of your favorite parts?


**I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions of the novel are my own.

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