Why I Blog

Everyone has their reasons for blogging. Some just want the followers and arcs, others just genuinely want to share their love of books. It is hard to keep up with a blog, posting every day, promoting, blog hopping, the amount you have to read to post each week. Eventually, it can get frustrating and you no longer want to blog about books, you become unmotivated to share your opinions and thoughts. So, why do I keep blogging you ask? Here are some of my reasons why I continue to blog.

  1. Connecting to other Readers

I love reading books, any genre. I love recommending books to family and friends, even strangers in the bookstore. I love being able to discuss a book with a total stranger and my anxiety doesn’t flare up (It is difficult to speak with people I do not know, because of my social anxiety). I have spent hours online Facebook groups talking with people about their favorite books. It amazing to me to be able to connect with other readers

2. I love to Read

I will read just about any book as long as the synopsis catches my attention. I love being able to escape in another world, walk in someone else’s shoes, being able to relate to someone. Reading a book lets me escape when my anxiety is too high. It lets me experience things I probably will never experience in my life.

3. I Love to Share My Thoughts on Books

I have an outlet here on my blog to share my thoughts and feelings toward a book or topic. I didn’t really share my feelings or have people to share them with before I started blogging. I love seeing the comments of “Hey I thought that same thing” or “I understand, but I saw it this way”. I can discuss opinions with people and not have it lead to an argument. The Book Community is really quite amazing.

4. It Got Me Reading Again

Before I Started Blogging, I maybe read 10 books a year. I loved reading, but I never made time for it. I haven’t read 50 books a year since high school and I graduated in “11. Blogging made me make a commitment to myself to read every day and finish at least a book a week. I make time now to read and blog, it has got me to read 53 books this year. I haven’t read this many books in a long time.

5. To Be Updated on New Books

I know this one probably sounds lame, but if it wasn’t for blogging or bookstagram I wouldn’t have know about a bunch of releases this year. Blogging helps keep me up to date with things happening in the book community and new releases.

What are some of your reasons for blogging?




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