(Arc) The Memory Agent by Matthew B.J. Delaney


Content Warning: Violence, Murder, Rape 



Crime never changes. Punishment does.

In a time when prisons no longer contain inmates behind concrete and steel, the convicted serve their time while asleep, rehabilitating in virtual reality while blissfully unaware of their crimes. Roger Parker is a professional prison breaker, skilled at navigating these strange penal dream worlds and extracting those imprisoned there—for a price. Parker wants out of the game, but a powerful senator, desperate to save his son, convinces Parker to pull one last job. The clincher? An opportunity for Parker to find his wife, herself interned, lost somewhere in a treacherous, time-shifting Manhattan cyberscape. As Parker and his team make their hallucinatory journey between worlds, memory and motive lose coherence and integrity, and the clock begins to run out: internal security detects the breaker, and sets out to remove him—permanently.

Unable to rely on his perceptions, unsure of the truth or even his very identity, will Parker break out . . . or be broken?



Okay, I almost DNF’d this book because when I first started it, it was very strange and hard to keep up with. As you went along the pieces started to go together. I really enjoyed this novel, but I didn’t quite understand any of the writing until the end of the book.

You start with the MC Parker, he is an explorer in Egypt with a crew exploring tunnels with his crew. You start to progress when they find a city underground that is an exact replica of Manhattan. Parker and the others soon start to gain their memories back and know they are not in the real world.

You see they created a system for prisoners, basically, a virtual reality where you are someone else entirely, and you have no recollection of who you were before. They completely wipe your memories and you get them back when you have served your sentence.

Parker and the others have been for years, breaking people out of these prisons, they get paid to help people escape and go back to the real world. When Parker gets the job to break out the Senators son, he also has the opportunity to get his wife out as well.

Throughout this book, you will possibly very confused like I was. Keep reading until the end, you will finally put all the pieces together and it makes a wonderful book. You get to unravel this messed up the world and watch each character grow and discover who they were before their memories where wiped. The writing is really good and overall I did enjoy this novel. I would highly recommend to anyone that loves Mystery/Thriller type books


**I was provided a free PDF copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions of the novel are my own.



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